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The Unicoaster® 2.0

The Unicoaster® 2.0
The most interactive roller coaster with patented rotating seats over a coaster track.

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    US and Foreign Patents Granted

    About The Unicoaster® 2.0

    The Unicoaster® 2.0 boasts controlled seats that offer a complete 360-degree rotation. With a significantly reduced track footprint compared to conventional roller coasters, the 2.0 version delivers exhilarating twists and gravity-defying inversions reminiscent of hypercoasters right to the very end! Elevate your entertainment venue with the Unicoaster® 2.0 – a new pinnacle in high-intensity amusement.


    • Custom designed track configurations
    • ​Eight vehicles in one or two trains
    • ​Capacity 600 People Per Hour
    • ​Minimum Height 48 Inches
    • ​Ride Speed 30 MPH
    • ​Length As Configured 1000 Feet or Custom Designed

    ​Power Requirement depending on single coaches or trains with chain lift system

    • ​50 Kw 
    • ​480 VAC
    • ​3 HP (75A MCB)
    Download Brochure
    Download Brochure
    The Unicoaster® 2.0
    The Unicoaster® 2.0
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