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The modernized Ferris wheel elevates appearance, performance, and experience with climate-controlled cabins, smoother rides, and customizability.

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    US and Foreign Patents Granted

    About The Vistawheel™

    Elevate your perspective with the Vistawheel™, a contemporary reinvention of the traditional Ferris wheel concept. Experience an unparalleled blend of aesthetics and functionality as this cutting-edge attraction redefines your notion of a classic ride. Step into climate-controlled cabins that ensure your comfort regardless of the weather, and experience in a seamlessly smooth journey that provides guests a remarkable vantage point.

    Unlike conventional Ferris wheels, the Vistawheel™ not only preserves the timeless appeal of the iconic ride but amplifies it. Take in breathtaking vistas from an elevated viewpoint, where every angle is a photo-worthy moment. Beyond its exceptional performance, the Vistawheel™ offers a canvas for creativity, allowing you to configure its layout into captivating shapes such as circles, ovals, triangles, and even the whimsical leaning oval. Leave an unforgettable impression on your audience with an attraction that combines innovation and tradition.


    • Height 200 – 1000 Feet
    • Capacity 1,500 – 2500+ People Per Hour
    • Tested for hurricane-force winds at half the weight of a traditional Ferris wheel
    • Custom shapes available
    • Climate-controlled gondolas with interactive media center
    • US and Foreign Patents Granted


    • Gondola size and passenger requirements can be tailored per customer’s requirements, from 20-50 gondolas carrying between 6-20 passengers each.
    • Continuous Walk-on/Walk-off loading and unloading​.
    • Pre-board walk-up bar service can promote an additional revenue stream.
    • Built-in promotion and advertising revenue via giant external digital screens (available in numerous formats and sizes) and internal gondola screens.
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    Download Brochure
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