Attraction Maintenance and Repair

About Martin & Vleminckx Attraction Maintenance & Repair Services

Martin & Vleminckx is the ultimate destination for unparalleled maintenance and repair services specific to a diverse range of amusement attractions. Our proficiency extends to the re-profiling of wooden coasters, ensuring a ride that seamlessly combines smoothness and thrills. We take immense pride in restoring the impeccable condition of your rides and amusement park attractions.

Our team of skilled technicians can conduct meticulous and regular inspections, promptly addressing any concerns to guarantee both safety and flawless operation. We manage every attraction with a thorough focus on detail and expertise, offering the convenience of annual service contracts. Backed by extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we adeptly troubleshoot and rectify defects, establishing us as a reliable company for maintaining your attractions at peak performance. 


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