After Sales Services

After Sales Services


Comprehensive Ride Inspection

Our comprehensive ride inspection services cover every aspect of your attraction. This includes an in-depth examination of the ride structure, track, train, mechanical components, and controls. Additionally, we can provide accelerometer testing to thoroughly evaluate the ride’s condition. Following the inspection and test, we provide a detailed report on the ride’s condition, along with a recommended action plan.

Annual and Preventive Maintenance

Martin & Vleminckx is your go-to partner for annual ride inspection and maintenance. We perform a meticulous track inspection and evaluation, incorporating an accelerometer test. This evaluation covers the ride’s structure, mechanical components, controls, and brake system. Furthermore, we can assist in the annual dismantling and reassembly of the ride train, including wear evaluation.

Ride Maintenance and Repair

Our team of highly skilled professionals is always at your service, ready to deliver comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions. Whether it’s wood structure repairs or track maintenance, we take immense pride in our ability to restore your rides to their pristine condition.

Genuine Ride Parts

Martin & Vleminckx is pleased to offer a wide range of ride parts to support you in maintaining your attractions throughout their lifecycle. We can provide essential components such as train parts, control components, mechanical parts, lumber, and hardware. Our goal is to help your park’s maintenance team establish an efficient maintenance program, complete with a critical parts inventory purchasing program.

Water Dummies for Load Testing

For load testing of rides and attractions, we offer flexible and collapsible water dummies. These dummies are easy to store and can be used for various attractions, including Roller Coasters, Drop Towers, Swing Rides, and more. Ensure the safety and performance of your rides with our top-quality water dummies.

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