Martin & Vleminckx – Your Path to Attraction Success. Our comprehensive services encompass attraction installation, relocation solutions, maintenance and repairs, and valuable consulting, all precisely designed to deliver optimum results. Count on our skilled team of experts to stand by you every step of the way.

Installation & Relocation

Effortlessly establish and relocate your attractions with our seamless installation and relocation services. Our in-house experts will facilitate a seamless transition, delivering your investment in your ideal new location.

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Attraction Maintenance & Repair

Safety is paramount, so we offer ride maintenance and repair services to keep your attractions running smoothly. 

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Elevate your attraction  performance with our invaluable consulting services. Our extensive experience will empower you to optimise operations, refine strategies, and elevate visitor satisfaction. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your destination’s success.

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After Sales Services

Maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and integrity of amusement park attractions. At Martin & Vleminckx, we have a proven track record in maintaining and repairing various amusement attractions. With our extensive experience, capabilities, and abundant resources, we are your trusted partner in attraction maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated team is here to provide troubleshooting support.


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