Virtual Reality Rides

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Virtual Reality Rides

Martin & Vleminckx Virtual Reality Rides  redefines the limits of amusement park entertainment.

Step into an alternate universe where magic  becomes reality, and be immersed in awe-inspiring adventures. With VR headsets and motion platforms, visitors are transported to new landscapes, interact with captivating characters, and explore unseen worlds. Our Virtual Reality Rides cater to all ages and tastes, offering a dynamic range of themes and storylines. 

Martin & Vleminckx  VR rides consist of the Jungle Boat Ride and our two seasonal attractions: the VR  Sleigh Ride and VR Halloween Cart Ride.The ride vehicle can easily be transformed to another theming, allowing the attraction to operate year round.

These VR Rides are manufactured by The Seasonal Group and distributed exclusively by Martin & Vleminckx in the U.S.A. and Canada. Contact us to learn more about these family fun attractions.

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