Mont-Royal, Quebec, November 7th , 2022 – Martin & Vleminckx is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the patent portfolio of Bill Kitchen. Mr. Kitchen’s historic contributions to the industry have included the invention and formation of iFly (originally Skyventure), the inventor of Skycoaster, and most recently, a series of game-changing attractions.

“This acquisition represents Martin & Vleminckx’s commitment to providing our customers with the most diverse and family-friendly portfolio of wood and steel rides in the industry. Bill’s contributions of iconic attractions are unparalleled in their appeal and success, and the addition of his patent portfolio is a response to the market’s needs for thrilling, interactive attractions.”, states Nathan Jones, President of Martin & Vleminckx.

The portfolio includes SkyBlazer®, Unicoaster®, Unicoaster 2.0®, Skyspire®, and G-Storm are among the attractions that are now immediately part of Martin & Vleminckx’s product offering and will be on display at this year’s IAAPA Convention in Orlando.

“I recognized early on that Martin & Vleminckx would be a great steward of these products and provide a global presence with their sales and marketing teams with a reputation for quality products and delivering attractions around the world.”, says, Kitchen.

The transaction marks a key milestone in the growth and success plan for Martin & Vleminckx that focuses on innovation and operational excellence. “We continue to build our company and team to focus on the future of attraction development that offers our clients new ways to attract and thrill their guests.”, states Pierre Cloutier, CEO of Martin & Vleminckx.