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Exclusive Products

Martin & Vleminckx are proud to be the exclusive distributor for The Seasonal Group in the U.S.A. and Canada, offering innovative animatronic products and VR Rides to the North American amusement park and leisure industry.

The Seasonal Group is recognized to offer captivating animatronic products and family VR attractions that are enjoyed by families worldwide.

For more information, please contact our North American sales team. You can also visit The Seasonal Group website to learn more about their great animatronic products.


The Seasonal Group

Founded in 1998, The Seasonal Group is a British manufacturer that supply animated displays, decorations and grottos globally. Their headquarters is located in Halifax, UK. The Seasonal Group have a showroom in UK and Belgium. The company is recognized to offer captivating and state-of-the art animated displays and decorations. Their great customer service, their innovative products and their competitive pricing have contributed to the company success for the past two decades.